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a Bath based, intimate yoga studio

PriyaWorks is an intimate studio, established eight years ago in Bath for the practice of yoga. Whether you have been practicing for a long time or are new to yoga, these small classes will allow you to both develop your own practice and be supported and inspired by the whole group. In addition to the time-tabled group sessions and as-you-want one to one sessions, there are also meditation evenings and occasional workshops.


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I have no memory of a first yoga session, I have always danced and loved to move. In fact I discovered from an early age that when I moved I could hear more clearly, especially music. So the shapes I made as a child gradually developed into yoga asanas and these gradually revealed the wealth of stories contained in my body.

Long mental and intellectual battles regarding the discipline of yoga ensued, but it became my constant companion/path. Kept me awake, inspired, brave, questioning, learning and more recently even I can recognise how yoga has sculpted me, physically, mentally and emotionally. This journey of growing awareness continues and is shared through my teaching. Although I don’t adhere to one discipline, I am Integral Yoga trained and qualified and the peaceful teachings of Swami Satchidananda continue to encourage and inspire me. Ultimately though, I am influenced by my mat, nature and all encounters. Perhaps more tantra than yoga, to be authentic in any moment is a personal goal…


  • Integral Yoga Basic and Intermediate levels
  • Sociology 2:1
  • Continual study and training including
    • Advanced Awareness
    • Shamanic Journeying
    • Mindfulness
    • Yoga Philosophy
    • Yoga Nidra 
  • Reiki II

one-to-one sessions

book for yourself or buy a gift voucher

Please contact Krissy with your individual requirements for this bespoke session which can be held at your home, or mine, my studio or even your workplace.

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PriyaWorks is my studio in Bath. Please note: classes are booked in blocks in advance.

There are sometimes drop-in spaces available in the PriyaWorks Sessions
(see calendar, maximum 6 places) call Krissy in advance (07862 286 050).

(Term Dates: September 9th – December 19th)

  • Mon: 6.30 pm 
  • Tues: 9.15 am and 6.30 pm
  • Wed: 9.15 am and 6.30 pm
  • Thur: 9.15 am and 6.30 pm

In addition to any of the above you may book a one-to-one session for yourself or buy a gift voucher.

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I teach a class at the YMCA on Thursdays (11.15am – 12.15pm) which will suit those new to yoga or long-time yogis alike.


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Our week

Where and when you can find Krissy in the coming days.

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 PriyaWorks, an intimate studio established in Bath, in 2011, for the practice of yoga. Whether you have been practicing for a long time or are new to yoga, these small classes will allow you to both develop your own practice and be supported and inspired by the whole group.

Finding a yoga teacher to lead you where you want to go and inspire your practice while creating a calm space for completely new experiences is rare. What Krissy finds in herself, she brings to her student’s practice with honesty, humour and commitment.

Classes are intimate, flowing, intense, measured, precise, accommodating and deeply relaxing by degrees, suiting seasons, mood and ability.

Her teaching and advice have transformed the efficacy and instilled new joy in my personal practice.

Tom Glendinning, Namaste

Krissy is by far one of THE best yoga teachers I have ever experienced. I recommend her to everyone! Her classes are always varied and flow really beautifully- there is also a sense of moving forward with a routine each session.

Caroline Garland, Kilter Theatre Company

Krissy creates a calm and peaceful environment to practise yoga safely and confidently, and is wonderful at guiding each individuals practice with kindness and sensitivity.

Caroline Garland, Kilter Theatre Company

I’d love to continue Yoga on Tuesday mornings. You are my body’s lifeline at the moment! Thank you for brilliant and inspiring yoga teaching.

Louise Press, Women Under the West wood


Zenna Alsop-Howard, Prodigy

Whatever issues I had with you as a wife, I have to be honest you ain’t a bad yoga teacher. Om Shandy!

Ant Howard, Ex-husband


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Please note classes need to booked in advance in blocks.
Drop in availability is limited please contact Krissy or check on the online calendar

Kristin / Priya

07862 286 050

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